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The Recovery Toolbox for Excel is a special utility with the help of which it is possible to recovery the information of the corrupted Microsoft Excel files fast and easy. Thanks to it the users can avoid losing important data: statistic, economical, scientific etc., because just for their processing the electronic tables are used. This tool allows to fix a lot of errors in different documents:

  • There exists some problem with the content in FileName.xlsx (xls).
  • This file is in the format, which is impossible to recognize.
  • Excel found unreadable content in filename.xlsx.
  • Not valid file format.
  • Cannot read the file.
  • Microsoft Excel has come across the problem and has to be closed.
  • Sudden error Excel.
  • Excel cannot complete this task with available resources.

The program Recovery Toolbox for Excel works in the following way:

  • Firstly it scans the Microsoft Excel file specified by the user and extracts all the available information from it. During this process some data can be lost because of the serious file errors. However, the utility is available to recover and to show on the screen as much information as possible. If the user really needs the recovered information from the damaged Excel file, then he can export it in Microsoft Excel just with one click and to work with it further.
  • There is one more important fact that in the results of work the original file is unchanged, and the data from it is read only by the program. After this they can be re-edited or saved in another file.


Repairing of all the Microsoft Excel files

Supported extension: *.xls, *.xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx and *.xlam

Export of the data

You can save the result in the new document Excel

Reading and recovery the .XLSX files

It supports the old versions: MS Office 98, 2000, 2003, XP

Opening and correcting the .XLSX files

The program supports: MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

Saving the data

Straight in Excel or in the new .XLSX file (in this case there is no reason to use the installed Microsoft Excel on the computer)

The recovery of the styles

The colours of the cell and the border; the width and the height of the cell in the pieces of paper; the format of the meaning of the cell (printing type, numeral format, styles of the lines, filling, the orientation of the text and its alignment)

The recovery of the formats

The meaning of the cell (printing type, numeral format, styles of the lines, filling, the orientation of the text and its alignment); the number formats (excluding the colour decor, used in the number formats)

How To Use

Step 1. The choice of the corrupted table Microsoft Excel for recovering the information.

It is possible to do this in three ways:

  • To enter the whole way to the corrupted file manually in the field Source file name.
  • To choose the corrupted file from the dropdown list, called by the button
  • To choose the corrupted file with the help of Windows Explorer, called by the button

Step 2. The recovery of the information from the corrupted table Microsoft Excel.

During the transition to this step the program gives the inquire with the words written: Do you wish to start recovery? To launch the process, you must press the button YES. After this the program will start scanning the corrupted file and recovering the information from it.

Step 3. Watching the information, recovered from the corrupted table Microsoft Excel.

After finishing the process of the scanning the corrupted file, the program will show all the information on the screen, which it could recover.

Step 4. Export the recovered information in Microsoft Excel.

To launch the process of export the information, recovered from the corrupted file in Microsoft Excel, you need to press the button Export to Excel. After this, the program Microsoft Excel with the new opened file will be automatically launched, and all the data will be exported here. To the cells the formatting (recovered sizes of the cells, the types of printing etc.) will be applied. After the process of export is finished, the user can work with the recovered data and save them in the new file.

Step 5. Watching the results of the process of exporting information.

After the process of exporting information in Microsoft Excel is finished, in the window of the program the report will be opened, in which there will be the information about the results of the process of recovering the data from the original corrupted file.


  • The export of the data in Microsoft Excel is possible only in the registered version of the program Recovery Toolbox for Excel.
  • To use the Recovery Toolbox for Excel you will need the installed program Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  • It is not recommended to edit or save the new tables of Microsoft Excel till the end of exporting the data from the program Recovery Toolbox for Excel.



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